About Us


Warm and wonderful greetings!

I’m welcoming all of you to the “House of Victory”, the new home of International Full Gospel Fellowship in San Francisco.

I pray that you will find this place where you can build genuine friendship, discover your life’s maximum potential, lay a foundation for your bright future through knowing God’s ways. You will experience a true turning point as your faith and hope grows through relevant messages from God’s word, and you will be well on your way to the next level, leaving the old and embracing the new!

I also hope that the House of Victory will be your new home of worship, where you will experience abundant blessings in your life; and in return you will be a blessing for others, as you serve your community, city and nation with God’s given gifts and talents.

Senior Pastor Fendy Hutomo

House of Bay Area Families

IFGF is a place where every family will experience the true genuine love of God, where building a healthy family is the ultimate destiny, where as for me and my house we will serve the Lord together in the house.

House of Training, Learning and Education

IFGF is a place that empower people to bring impact to the world through excellence, diligence, truth and honor, where the leaders are trained and equipped to make a difference. This is the house that inspires leaders to take the challenge to live successfully in the world.

House of Generation of Light

IFGF is a home for generations that know the calling of God in their life, and find their talent, vision and mission in life.

House of Worship

This is a place that wins multitude of people to be born again, a place that makes history in the personal life, family, job and ministry, and a place that will bless many lives, cities and nations.