IFGF Care Groups

A small and intimate small communities are the central of our church, a fellowship that share and support each other. And hereby we cordially invite you to join our circle of friends and grow in Christ together.

Check out each local church to find the nearest IFGF Care community in your area.

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IFGF Kids & Teens

We believe that children who experienced God will become the light of the world. So we would like to invite you and your children to join us in the fun and interactive fellowship where they can grow in faith.

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Communication with God is an integral part of growing in faith. Thus we encourage you to participate in the IFGF Pray and in turn become a house of prayer in your family, workplace, and community.

IFGF Youth

Young adults are the energy that moves the world. At IFGF Youth, we are determined to spark your youthful spirit so you can be more than the agent of change, but become the agent of God, one who become blessing to others.

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IFGF Worship

Shoutouts to all who are passionate in serving God through music and creative arts, we would like you to join us in IFGF Praise. May we become a blessing to others through our ministry.

If you have desire to serve the Lord in worship team, please contact Brian Hutomo.

Creative Media

We believe that multimedia is one of the most important tool for enhancing the Kingdom of God. Through arts and technology we are able to serve and reach people around the world. Our ministry philosophy is “Act local, think global”.

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We do think that life will be easier if it comes with an instruction. That is why we invite experts of their fields to share with us practical and useful tips to apply the Gospel in our daily lives.