March 9, 2012

Multimedia (Creative)

Victorious One Productions

Our multimedia team called Victorious One Productions. We believe that multimedia is one of the most important tool for enhancing the Kingdom of God. Through arts and technology we are able to serve and reach people around the world. Our ministry philosophy is “Act local, think global”.

We use technology to support ministry efforts throughout the church so that others can be transformed by the power of God’s Word. Our goal is to facilitate worship services and ministry in an effective way.

  • General, contact Fery Yoga
  • Multimedia, contact Erick Jap
  • Podcast, contact Stephanus Indra
  • Videography, contact Linius Gunardi
  • Photography/Documentation, contact Stephanie
  • Graphic Design/Website/Creative, contact Edwin Susanto
  • Communications/Social Media, contact Gabrielle Andhita
  • Audio/Sound System, contact Michael Kartawidjaya