Hello folks! We are super duper excited that registration opens today October 16! Early bird starts on the 16th-29th of October. We have two special guest speakers for IFGF West Coast Conference, Ps. Jimmy Oentoro and Ps. Daniel Hanafi. More information about the registration and place are listed down below.

Monterey Marriott
350 Calle Principal, Monterey CA 93940

Contact Person:
IFGF SF – Della Samudro
IFGF Fremont – Eric Tsang
IFGF San Jose – Ps. Sisco Kurniadi
IFGF Pinole – Nita Lie
IFGF LA – Ps. Daniel Hanafi


SINGLES (up to 4 people/room)
Early Bird (10/16-10/29) – $180/person Reg. Price (10/30-11/19) – $200/person Late (11/20-11/22 last day) – $220/person

Early Bird (10/16-10/29) – $200/person Reg. Price (10/30-11/19) – $220/person Late (11/20-11/22 last day) – $240/person –

Early Bird (10/16-10/29) – $100/person Reg. Price (10/30-11/19) – $125/person Late (11/20-11/22 last day) – $145/person

Please do contact us for more information at conference@ifgfsf.com. We look forward to seeing you there!