SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, March 2010 — We just finished the USA-CANADA Leadership Conference in Bay area. Every leader has been empowered by His word and vision for the next 3 years, until 2013. We’ve had fellowship 3 nights and 4 days, spending time together, fellowshipping, sightseeing the beautiful Bay area and hearing from all our leaders, to be equipped by the apostolic.

I believe vision of 2010, GOING STRONG, is not a slogan for all of us here in Bay Area, USA. It’s a vision that everyone in this year will have a supernatural experiencing with God to building up their Intimacy, and the calling of our life to be Intercessor and we will have a growing influences in whatever we do.

In this situation and condition around us, the earth quake in Haiti, Chili, Tsunami, the financial quake of recessions. We are facing up a big challenge to manage our life future; we need God to intervene this situation and especially how to overcome every challenge in life.

Let’s unite our faith and building up the i3 in life, I believe that God will lead our life miraculously in 2010. Again, Intimacy, Intercessor and Influence will shape up your faith in Going Strong. Be always champion in faith, you’ll be overcome any mountain ahead of you!

God bless you all.


Ps. Fendy Hutomo
IFGF Bay Area Senior Pastor

Leadership Conference 2010

Leadership Conference 2010