Leadership Training 2014 / Pelatihan Strategy 2014

PESTA of USA & Canada West Coast RC 2014

IFGF in Bay Area together with IFGF Pinole held their PESTA conference on March 14th and 15th. The event took place in 333 Victory Ave, South San Francisco. We had 60 people attending in total. On the first day, the service was started with opening words from Ps. Devi Tjakra as the Regional Council Director of West Coast, then continued with Praise & Worship led by Ps Hendra Wong. The message was delivered by Apostle Fendy Hutomo about “Together Glorious – title: Lord, Teach Us To Lead”.

On the second day, after Praise & Worship and devotion by Ps Devi Tjakra, we were blessed with 2 panel sharing. Speakers for the first Panel Sharing were Ps Sugi Hendric (Together Become a Leader), Ps Deky Latief (Together in One Team), Ps Fransisco Kurniadi (Together Impacting the World). Then the second Panel Sharing were given by younger generation, Stephen Sutantyo (Growing Together winning people’s heart), Ashley Hutomo (Growing together in His Love, Talent & Anointing), and Ps Yoga Firmansyah (Growing Together in His Calling). Lastly, Ps David Cannistraci from Gateway City Church shared about “Together Glorious for the blessing of the Next Generation”. 60% of the attendees were students and young people. Every participant was completely blessed and being prepared to receive the baton of vision from their leaders. (Source: Gabrielle Andhita, SF)

PESTA DPW USA & Canada West Coast 2014

IFGF Bay Area dan IFGF Pinole bergabung bersama-sama mengadakan PESTA pada tanggal 14 dan 15 Maret 2014. Acara berlangsung di 333 Victory Ave, San Francisco Selatan. Sekitar 60 orang yang menghadiri acara ini. Pada hari pertama, acara dimulai dengan pembukaan dari Ps Devi Tjakra sebagai Ketua DPW USA & Canada West Coast, kemudian dilanjutkan dengan pujian dan penyembahan yang dipimpin oleh Ps Hendra Wong. Ps. Fendy Hutomo menyampaikan sermon mengenai ” Together Glorious -Tuhan, Ajarkan Kami untuk Memimpin “. Sekitar 60 % dari kehadiran adalah mahasiswa dan kaum muda.

Pada hari kedua, setelah pujian & penyembahan dan sermon oleh Ps Devi Tjakra, kami diberkati lagi dengan 2 diskusi panel. Pembicara untuk diskusi panel pertama adalah Ps Sugi Hendric (Bersama Menjadi Pemimpin ), Ps Deky Latief (Bersama dalam Satu Tim), Ps Fransisco Kurniadi (Bersama berdampak bagi Dunia). Kemudian pembicara untuk diskusi panel kedua diberikan kepada generasi lebih muda, mereka adalah Stephen Sutantyo (Tumbuh Bersama memenangkan hati orang-orang ), Ashley Hutomo (Tumbuh bersama dalam Cinta, Bakat & urapan-Nya), dan Ps Yoga Firmansyah (Tumbuh bersama-sama dalam panggilan-Nya).Terakhir, Ps David Cannistraci dari Gereja City Gateway membagikan mengenai” Together Glorious untuk memberkati Generasi Berikutnya”.Setiap orang yang menghadiri sesi ini sangat diberkati dan dipersiapkan untuk menerima tongkat estafet dari visi para pemimpin IFGF. (Sumber: Gabrielle Andhita, SF)


About the Speakers

David Cannistraci
Dr. David Cannistraci is the Senior Pastor of GateWay City Church in San Jose, California where he has worked with his uncle and mentor Dr. Emanuele Cannistraci in the oversight of the growing congregation and its family of churches and ministries since 1979.

David travels nationally and internationally as a conference speaker, prophetic minister, and an exciting voice to the body of Christ. His passion is to bring truth to people that aligns them with the present purpose of God in every area of their life. He has a special love for leaders in the church, and gives himself to training and inspiring them around the world.

David’s books and article are another vehicle for his ministry. His first book, Apostles and the Emerging Apostolic Movement (Regal, 1996) has been widely received as a foundational work on the subject of contemporary apostolic ministry. It has been translated into seven languages. David’s second book, God’s Vision for Your Church (Regal, 2000)explores corporate gifting and God’s unique purpose for every church, network and denomination. His articles appear frequently in both Charisma and Ministry Today magazines.

David is president of IMPACT! School of Ministry, Vice President of Apostolic Missions International, co-leader of TASCC (Transformation Alliance of the Santa Clara County, a network of Christian leaders) and a member of the International Coalition of Apostles.

His earned degrees include a Bachelor of Science from Bethany University, a Master of Divinity from Christian International Graduate School, and a Doctor of Philosophy from California Graduate School of Theology. David married his wife, Kathy, in 1982. They reside in Morgan Hill with their two sons, Aaron and Jordan.

Fendy Hutomo
He started his ministry since 1981 as a Pastor of a student fellowship in USA, that later known as the Indonesian Full Gospel Fellowship Churches. He married Sioe Ing Tan and was blessed with 3 children, Stephanie Hutomo, Ashley Hutomo, and Brian Hutomo. Besides serving as the senior pastor of IFGF GISI San Francisco Bay Area Churches, Rev. Fendy is also the member of the Apostolic Team.

His ministry philosophies is clear, which are lives, works and ministries that was based with the strong principles of revelation from God’s Word through the bible, not merely as an illumination, and honor the word of God as the one and only solution to problems of life. That is why his entire personal life and family can be presented to God and become a role model for his congregations.