Foreword from President IFGF

Rev. Budi Hidajat

We have read many stories in the Bible about God using ordinary people to do mighty works to achieve His purpose. A willing heart and trust in the Lord’s leading was what He sought. There was Gideon who came from a family of no prominence to defeat an oppressive enemy of the Israelites. And there was Amos who was an ordinary herdsman and a dresser of sycamore figs that the Lord took to be His prophet for Israel.

God is using His churches around the world, big or small, to fulfill His agenda to save the world. And together we are challenged to leave behind our personal agenda and step with faith into His big agenda for the world.

His kingdom work in all of the seven mountains offers the reward of eternity for the world. In October IFGF GISI will once again take part in the work of missions around the world, especially in the Asian & African regions. Some notable ones we can together support in prayer would be: the Leadership Conference in Pakistan, Myanmar’s church planting, the Vietnam Mission Trip for seminars & an affiliation MOU, and the Harvest Festival & Leadership Conference in East Africa.

We praise the Lord for the many open doors and yet humble ourselves to ask for His anointing and favors as we step by faith into making miracles happen for the world. In closing, I encourage you and your church to always keep an eye open for opportunities that you and your church can serve, take part in, contribute, and lead, in any of the seven mountains of the Lord. Blessings!