“Welcome Home.” Home is where your heart dwells and settles where love confides within. Not an ordinary love, but an EXTRAORDINARY LOVE that lasts eternally from His Son, Jesus Christ.

In order for a home to be built, there must be a solid foundation. We as the church, as one body of Christ must adapt these foundations in order to live and breathe His Words throughout our daily lives, by humbleness.

I attended this year’s Hillsong 2012 Conference with a greeting, “Welcome Home.” I actually do feel at home, spiritually. I can feel the love of God within the conference and within the people as they greet with open arms. Their commitment to make this conference possible was beyond words, because they have put their heart and love to make it all happen. The volunteers and ministers did not treat us as strangers, but more as a family.

Throughout the conference, Ps. Brian Houston and other pastors shared on how you can build your church. Surprisingly, it all goes back to the very basics, which are the practical foundations. What are those? Let’s see, it includes, understanding His grace, forgiveness, surrendering, worshipping, and faithfulness. Am I missing something? Well, you get the picture right?  To be honest, I think it is for everybody as well. I believe it is the hardest part of straightening our lives to the right path by going back to the foundations.

Every speaker encourages each and every person, even YOU to succeed in building His church. It is not about the competition between churches, but about motivating and achieving something greater that the church can bring to the world about God. Let’s encourage one another and expect what God can bring to your church.